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While Reliance Foundries continued   to run our Foundry, Forgings and Fabrication facilities, Rhino Steel Rolling Mils was formed to run all our Steel Re-rolling facilities to produce long steel products such as Round and Square and Flat Bars of various sizes and weights, various. Fencing Standard and Droppers and various window section of some 100 different sizes.


Foundry Manhole Covers

We buy cast iron scrap, melt it to 1200 degrees Celsius, and pour it into specially designed sand mold boxes to cast or manufacture...

Forging Agriculture Wear Parts

Indigenously manufactured Agricultural Implements (Wear Parts) for a varied range of crop production, small and large-scale farming suited for Africa.

Fabrication Steel Windows

Steel window frames are popular in commercial and industrial buildings due to their durability, strength, and resistance to corrosion.

Long Steel Products

Produce long steel products such as round bars, square bars, and flat bars of various sizes and specifications.

Fencing Standards

Especially produced for Southern African market, different types and weights are produced for installation at houses, farms, and game fencing.

Window Sections

Manufacture steel window sections of various sizes and designs for use in homes, schools, commercial buildings and industries.
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