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Our company Reliance Foundries was set up in 1985 and First foundry was established in Palapye. Later we moved, due to land constrain, to Ramotswa and set up a steel rolling mill. We further set up two more steel rolling mills and during 2005 onward we set up a forging, a Fabrication facility also.

During 2011/12 we decided and divided these various types of industries/ operating in two units/ companies. While Reliance Foundries continued   to run our Foundry, Forgings and Fabrication facilities, Rhino Steel Rolling Mils was formed to run all our Steel Re-rolling facilities to produce long steel products such as Round and Square and Flat Bars of various sizes and weights, various. Fencing Standard and Droppers and various window section of some 100 different sizes. WE can also make any size of window frames on order.

In all we employ around 500 workers in these various diversified industries, export 70 % of our production to earn valuable foreign exchange and create employment away from main cities as per the Botswana Govt Policies

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Our mission is to recycle scrap metal into high-quality steel products through an efficient and sustainable manufacturing process. We strive to continuously improve our process and products through innovation and technology, while maintaining the highest standards of safety and environmental responsibility. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and building lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers, and employees.



To become a leading global steel manufacturer known for our sustainable and efficient manufacturing process, innovative products, and exceptional customer service.

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