Process of re-rolling of steel in a re-rolling mill is to produce various types of flat rolled products such as round bars, flat irons, angle irons, channels, I beams, Tee iron and various window sections, fencing standards and droppers.

Raw material for a steel re-rolling mill is an ingot or a billet. Since we will be manufacturing ingots in an in-house operation next door, we will not be dependent on the raw material from overseas at all.

Ingots are heated at a temperature of around 1150 – 1200 degrees depending on chemical composition in a reheating furnace. Fuel used is heavy furnace fuel. After heating hot stock is discharged from furnace and fed into the mill through a steel conveyer belt. Ingot passes through various mill stands from roughing stand to finishing stand and is moulded from one shape to an other, to finally required size and shape. Finished section steel is then passed on to cooling bed and after cooling it is cut according to the users requirements.