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Individuals desired stuff that is vintage. Having had a back ground in drama

Individuals desired stuff that is vintage. Having had a back ground in drama

, and therefore a love for old clothing and crazy styles, the supervisor switched the Treasure Box into a shop that specific in every thing classic. The Plano and greater Dallas community have answered with overwhelming passion. We now have expected our clients and supporters to straight straight straight back us in this work and they’ve got. It is like community work to carry us the strange and wonderful.

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One really lovely woman heard in what we had been wanting to do and drove throughout the Metroplex to donate items which belonged to her mom. She had been really stoked up about the shop. Those items had been too elegant and valuable to offer to simply any thrift charity or store. She didn’t wish cash, she desired to be sure that her mother’s products decided to go to individuals who appreciated them. The girl had been happy to simply help us with this fund efforts that are raising. She wandered down with a grin, a since of satisfaction and a tax-deductible receipt.

Our Community

People purchase vintage clothes, precious precious precious jewelry, footwear, costumes as well as other duration things from around to donate them. They bring us products present in their loved ones closets, merely to see our response to uncommon, enjoyable and weird material. Often we think they just wish to observe how complete we could pack the spot with eclectic, random or items that are diverse. Donors and shoppers have some fun at DVS, so we spend playtime with the beautiful and ample individuals who help us. They will have helped turn our store into what individuals from Seattle to ny, Tokyo to England, L.A. To Austin, keep telling us is the store that is favorite in globe.


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Our clients will be the many wonderful and diverse individuals. A few of the the biggest, many famous DFW theaters, in addition to neighborhood, children’s, and school that is high, church drama teams, expert and amateur jazz, party, opera, music, television and film studios buy and donate frequently. Costume stores from all over the nation started to restock their 1920’s or costumes that are 1970’s our supply. We have been truly thankful when it comes to lots of people whom mention us with their friends, other entertainers, movie movie movie movie theater directors, college instructors, theme celebration hosts and other people who loves classic clothes and costumes. DVS happens to be an independently owned company, together with number of charitable contributions to current and brand new businesses has increased.

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