In theory, foundry at Ramotswa and Palapye are the same. Metal is melted in Palapye by using Coke as fuel in a Cupola Furnace, whereas in Ramotswa it is melted in an Electric Induction Furnace. Cast Iron melts at a temperature of 1050 degree Celsius and Steel melts at a temperature of 1600 degrees Celsius. Electric Induction Furnace can melt steel at 1600 / 1650 degrees Celsius. Beside foundry at Ramotswa is semi automatic with Sand Plant and Sand Mouldng machines for mass production and in Palapye it is hand moulding which is suitable for smaller quantities of various products.

We manufacture mostly SG iron in Ramotswa since it has qualities which are suitable to manufacture all kinds of pipe fittings, auto parts and castings for the mines. We also manufacture cast iron auto parts such as Brake Drums and Brake Shoes for trucks and truck trailers.