Set up in 1987, Cast Iron scrap is melted at 1050 degree Celsius in a Cupola Furnace. Fuel used is hard coke. Main Cast Iron items manufactured are man hole covers, railway brake shoes and cast iron three legged cooking pots. Cast Iron contains carbon between 3.5 to 4.5 percentages. When we melt scrap with hard coke, molten metal picks up the carbon from coke.

We have also started manufacturing Cast Iron Ingot moulds for our in-house use at our Steel Ingot manufacturing facility at Ramotswa. Ingot mould being made of cast iron and when steel is poured into the mould, it does not stick to cast iron moulds. Hence when cooling of ingot starts, it is easy to take out the casted ingots.

We manufacture patterns in our in-house pattern shop. Patterns are made in wood, aluminium and plastic. Patterns are packed in sand with a binder which helps hardens the sand moulds. After pattern is removed from the mould boxes, molten metal is poured in the cavity created by patterns.